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Jupiter’s moons get Juice flowing

Posted by ChevScience on May 5, 2012

LONDON: Jupiter’s icy moons will be the focus of Europe’s next large science mission. The €1 billion ($1.27 billion) Juice mission will investigate the possibility of ”waterworlds” that may harbour life. Its primary target is Ganymede, the solar system’s biggest moon, which is 8 per cent larger than Mercury.

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The solar system's largest moon, Ganymede, is captured here alongside the planet Jupiter in this picture taken by NASA's Cassini spacecraft, December 3, 2000. Ganymede is larger than the planets Mercury and Pluto and Saturn's largest moon, Titan. Both Ganymede and Titan have greater surface area than the entire Eurasian continent on our planet. Cassini was 26.5 million kilometers (16.5 million miles) from Ganymede when this image was taken. The smallest visible features are about 160 kilometers (about 100 miles) across.


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