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Two Planets Discovered Sharing the Same Orbit

Posted by ChevScience on June 15, 2011

In a cosmic first, the Kepler telescope has discovered two planets sharing the same orbit. There is a theory that says our moon was created when a body sharing our orbit crashed into Earth, but up until now no one had found evidence of co-orbiting planets elsewhere in the universe.

This is fascinating. Not only that, it mentions the term Lagrange points. A concept included in the 2010 HSC physics paper. It was a nasty question and few in the state answered it well. It goes to show how important wider reading is in Science


One Response to “Two Planets Discovered Sharing the Same Orbit”

  1. C said

    Interesting. I like this post.

    You might also enjoy this…I read it a while ago, but it’s still topical.

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